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Download free trial - 2.30 Mb

Lucky you! You’ve just stumbled upon a perfect place for serene relaxation! Look at this solitary mountain lake and the spectacular waterfall, located near the border of the evergreen forest. It seems like the right spot for some rest and recreation. Listen to the charming sounds of murmuring water and admire the fascinating lake scenery. Such a soothing, picturesque view will certainly ease your mind and make relax you in no time. Whenever you want to virtually feel the refreshing coolness of the lake and unwind to the sounds of the splashing waterfall, just run Mountain Lake Waterfall Screensaver and enjoy!

This remarkable screensaver features dual monitor support. You can run it on two monitors to get an amazing wider scene. Mountain Lake Waterfall has no loading screen; it launches immediately.

Buy online - $14.95

Buy online - $8.98 (Bundle)
Download free trial - 2.30 Mb

Download free trial - 2.30 Mb
  •  Realistic 3D enviriment and animation
  •  Simple settings adjustment
  •  Adjustable speed of screensaver
  •  Selectable screen resolution and color depth
  •  Dual monitor support
  •  Pentium IV or higher
  •  Video card with 16Mb or more
  •  3Mb free hard drive space
  •  Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP/Vista or newer versions
  •  DirectX 8.1 or newer
  •  Single or dual monitor setup

After you have downloaded and installed the Mountain Lake Waterfall Screensaver it operates in the trial mode. You will see two reminders to purchase and register the full version. The first appears each time when the screensaver finishes its operation and the second appears after one minute of screensaver operation.

To obtain a full, unlimited version of the Mountain Lake Waterfall Screensaver, you must purchase it. By purchasing this software you become a registered user. As a registered user you will have all trial limitations removed and all program updates provided for free, without any charge.

If you would like to register Mountain Lake Waterfall Screensaver, you can do the registration online. We process your orders through RegNow, one of the most trusted names in online order processing. The order pages are on this secure site. Your personal information will be kept completely secret; we never sell or give your personal information to anyone. See our privacy policy for more information.

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